PU glue Selection Guide

PU glue is a polyurethane resin glue, white glue common name, has excellent adhesion fastness, heat resistance to weathering, translucent colorless, nontoxic, easy to operate, suitable for production lines, commonly used in PVC, TPR, rubber, adhesive nylon, ABS, PU synthetic leather and other materials of cooperation. PU materials are widely used in the use of insulation materials, synthetic leather, aerospace materials, shoes and other industries, the PU glue with what is good? How to choose a PU glue? We can see from the following aspects to consider:

1, the bonding between the PU material and what material, such as PU sticky PU, PU glue PVC, PU and TPR sticky;
2, the size of the bonding area between the two;
3, the bonding process is what kind of operation, such as hand-gluing machine, such as plastic;
4, to determine some of the details of the requirements, such as the positioning speed, curing time, color glue, glue viscosity, or resistance to high temperature performance glue, glue bond strength, environmental protection and other requirements
5, to determine the amount of the bonding glue each product, and then determine the maximum cost of this product glue, then in order to accurately know the right and select the correct adhesive.
In a clear understanding of these questions, we can choose PU glue a small area can be selected PU glue adhesive instant glue, a large area of​PU adhesive is selected slow-drying PU glue, such as TS-8700, although the strength of the rapid dry glue a little lower, but the combination of the cost is the best choice, the only drawback may be the cure time a bit slow.
More questions will be answered next week.
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