PU Polyurethane Glue Adhesive For XPS Sandwich Panel

    PU polyurethane adhesive can be used for bonding XPS extruded board with calcium silicate board foamed cement board, steel plate aluminum board and marble granite. This video mainly presents the process and adhesion test of polyurethane glue pasting XPS board. Polyurethane glue can be cured at room temperature with high bonding strength.

1. Keep the surface of the adherend free of oil and dust;
2. Apply glue manually with a serrated scraper or mechanical roller;
3. Application amount: 150g ~ 180g / m2;
4. Roller coating can be poured into the rubber roller in small batches to prevent curing on the rubber roller;
5. After coating, the compound is stacked and cured under pressure, and the curing time is related to the temperature;

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