Polyurethane adhesive industry

Polyurethane adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive, is currently the rapid development of polyurethane resin is an important component, with excellent performance, in many ways have been widely used, is one of the eight synthetic adhesive in one of the important varieties.
Polyurethane adhesives were first used in the military field in 1947. Bayer's successful application of triphenylmethane triisocyanate to metal and rubber bonding, the use of the tank on the track, the polyurethane adhesive industry laid the foundation. Japan in 1954 the introduction of German and American technology, 1960 production of polyurethane materials, 1966 began production of polyurethane adhesives, the successful development of ethylene-based polyurethane water-based adhesives, and in 1981 into industrial production. At present, Japan's polyurethane adhesive research and production is very active, and with the United States, Western Europe together to become the production and export of polyurethane.After the 20th century, 80 years, the rapid development of polyurethane adhesives, has now become a wide variety, widely used in the industry. In recent years, at home and abroad to become the fastest growing adhesive. Polyurethane adhesive is a prominent feature of the development of environmental protection, industrial hygiene, resources and other policies and regulations, the industrial structure of the adjustment, and strive to reduce the proportion of organic solvent products.
China's industrial research network published in China's polyurethane adhesive industry research and analysis of the status quo and market forecast report (2017) that in recent years, China's polyurethane adhesive to maintain a high growth rate, technical research and development has made great progress, increasing demand Expansion, application of continuous innovation, according to customer performance requirements tailored special polyurethane adhesive will become the future development trend of high-end adhesives, which will be composite polyurethane adhesive production enterprises R & D capabilities and professional level put forward higher requirements The But the industrialization is too slow, commercial products are also due to small size, equipment and other reasons behind the process, in a competitive position in a disadvantageous position. In view of the above situation, domestic enterprises and research units should increase investment, focusing on the development of polyurethane adhesives and supporting raw materials additives, as soon as possible to achieve raw materials, additives and reduce the cost. But also to speed up the equipment, construction machinery and packaging containers of technological transformation. In addition, we must also increase the environmental protection, resources and other policies and regulations required water-based glue, hot melt adhesives, solvent-free research and development efforts.

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