Application of glue on high-speed railway ballast

Due to the needs of fast, stable and safe passenger dedicated lines, the existing or under-construction high-speed railway passenger dedicated lines use ballastless tracks. However, in many lines, there will be some transition sections with ballasted tracks. There are considerable differences in the stiffness of the structure, and the transformation of the stiffness must be done uniformly with a transition section to avoid affecting the driving comfort and increasing the cost of maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, between the ballastless track and the ballasted track, strengthening the transition section by bonding the ballast has become an effective measure that has been widely verified all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States.
Ballast adhesive for high-speed railway is a high-performance two-component polyurethane bonding material, which is specially used for ballast bonding on high-speed railway ballast tracks. It can effectively fix the ballast bed, buffer the impact of the high-speed railway on the ballast, avoid the ballast vibration and splash, reduce the wear of the rail subgrade, reduce the noise of the train, reduce the stiffness difference between the ballasted track and the ballastless track, and prolong the service life of the railway.
1. Good construction performance, mechanized continuous construction can be performed when the ambient temperature is higher than 5 °C.
2. Solvent-free, low-viscosity, thermosetting resin with short reaction time. After sufficient reaction, it has the hardness of hard rubber and the elasticity of polyurethane; that is, when the train passes by, it will not cause ballast due to excessive momentum. The whole is broken.
3. It can penetrate into the "ballast" structure, form a film only on the surface of the "ballast", bond with the contact point of the "ballast", and form a compressive whole with the "ballast".
4. It has high compressive strength, flexural strength, shear strength of oblique section, good low temperature resistance and excellent comprehensive performance.
5. Good adhesion with ballast, high bonding strength, water permeability of ballasted track after construction of ballast glue is not affected, which is conducive to the discharge of rainwater on high-speed railway pavement.
Scope of application:
Bonding of ballast in transition section of high-speed railway. It can also be used for the fixation and bonding of ordinary track ballast, as well as for windbreak and sand fixation.

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