Polyurethane Paving Adhesive - "close partner" of sticky

Water-permeable adhesive stone glue can also be called special glue (adhesive) for adhesive stone. It is one of the necessary building materials for ecological water-permeable adhesive stone pavement construction.
Permeable Adhesive Stone Pavement
Water-permeable cementitious stone is a typical greenway product in the "Sponge City Pavement" series. It uses natural colored stones, which are adhered with the special glue for water-permeable sticky stones and undergo a series of reactions, and finally achieve a kind of pavement pavement that "allows gaps between stones", and has many functions such as water permeability, anti-skid, wear resistance, etc. type.
Permeable Adhesive Stone Glue-Two-Component Comparison
Water-permeable cementite glue is generally composed of high-concentration two-component synthetic resin (high molecular polymer). According to the actual effect, it can be divided into two categories: non-yellowing resistance and yellowing resistance. The former main agent is colorless and transparent, and the curing agent is light brown; the latter's main agent and curing agent are both colorless and transparent.
What are the characteristics of permeable adhesive stone glue (adhesive)?
1. Good bonding strength
2. Make the finished water-permeable adhesive stone pavement impact-resistant, wear-resistant and waterproof, and resist chemical erosion
3. The pavement after bonding and curing is easy to maintain, easy to clean and has a long service life
4. Excellent adhesion and glue toughness can effectively prevent micro cracks in the pavement substrate (after a certain service life)
5. Low VOC, environment-friendly style.

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