"Polyurethane adhesive" for colored non-slip pavement mat

Color non-slip pavement materials can be divided into two categories in a narrow sense: aggregate (aggregate) and glue. Take ceramic particle non-slip road surface as an example, it is ceramic particle + ceramic particle glue. This issue introduces you to the color non-slip road surface glue material: water-based polyurethane adhesive, which can also be called polyurethane road surface special glue (adhesive). We will briefly compare several types of road glue products of the same type, and tell you the advantages of polyurethane adhesives.
Generally, two-component solvent-free polyurethane adhesives are based on polyurethane cross-linking and curing, which are 100% reactive pavement materials. The flexibility of the polyurethane adhesive and its adhesion to the aggregate can reach a relatively good level, making the anti-slip pavement after construction not easy to be brittle after repeated vehicle rolling.

There are many advantages to solvent-free colored non-slip road glues (the advantages are often based on comparisons). Let's start with a general understanding of the advantages of polyurethane road glue from the perspective of major categories of advantages: one is environmental protection; the other is good weather resistance; the third is high glue content; the fourth is good leveling. The fifth thing is that it is convenient to color the colored non-slip road surface, and the color effect is more vivid and rich.

Polyurethane Adhesives vs. Epoxy Glues (Epoxy):
1. Not easy to embrittle and age;
2. Under extreme ambient temperature, the stability of glue is better, because the toughness of polyurethane adhesive is better;
3. The curing time is short, even under low temperature conditions;
4. High bonding strength, better waterproof, moisture-proof and oil resistance.
Polyurethane adhesive vs. hot melt adhesive (hot melt):
1. The construction area of colored non-slip pavement is not subject to certain restrictions;
2. Construction in low temperature areas will be less affected;
3. It is possible to carry out the construction of colored anti-slip pavement in the fire-proof and explosion-proof section where fireworks are strictly prohibited;
4. The construction is simple and convenient, and the finished colored pavement has a long service life.
After a simple comparison, I believe that everyone's understanding of the polyurethane road adhesive that occupies a pivotal position among the colored non-slip pavement materials will be improved to a higher level. "No harm without comparison" is naturally a joke. Different pavement adhesive products have their own characteristics. The demand side can choose the type of colored pavement adhesive they need by "comparing".

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