What Is PU Glue? What Are The Characteristics of PU Glue

Polyurethane adhesives are polar and chemically reactive with NCO (isocyanate), -NHCOO (urethane groups), and substrates with reactive ammonia. Such as foam, plastic, wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramic and other porous materials, as well as metal, glass, rubber, plastic and other surfaces. Gloss material has excellent chemical adhesion, has excellent shear strength and impact resistance. It is suitable for various structural bonding areas and has excellent flexibility. Polyurethane adhesive has excellent rubber properties. It can adapt to the bonding of substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients, so a soft-hard transition layer is formed between the substrates. It not only has strong adhesion, but also has good cushioning and damping effects. The low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature performance of polyurethane adhesives is superior to other types of adhesives. Water-based polyurethane adhesives have the characteristics of low VOC content, little or no environmental pollution, and non-flammability.
Among them, the polyurethane sealant is used to fill the gaps (holes, seams, etc.) of the material. It has two functions of bonding and sealing.
Polyurethane sealants are widely used in civil construction, transportation and other industries. They are used in building doors, windows, glass and other filling seals. glass) assembly seal.
Polyurethane sealants have many excellent properties, including: (1) wide range of performance adjustment, strong adaptability (2) good wear resistance (3) high mechanical strength (4) good bonding performance (5) good elasticity, resilience Good elasticity. Can be used for dynamic joints (6) Good low temperature elasticity (7) Good weather resistance, good performance, long service life of 15-20 years (8) Good oil resistance (9) Biological aging resistance (10 ) Economical and affordable.
Polyurethane glue is a kind of adhesive commonly used in industry and commerce, as well as handmade fields. In addition, some polyurethane adhesive formulations can also be used as sealants. For example, its gel form is often used in the manufacture and repair of ships and light aircraft. Other uses of polyurethane glue include woodworking, metalwork and masonry. Construction grade urethane glue adhesives can also be used for laminate flooring, flooring and concrete. Polyurethane glue has many advantages over other adhesives. First, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and is highly durable. In fact, many brands of polyurethane glue products claim to permanently bond materials together. In addition, it can be squeezed out directly from the container and requires no mixing. Most polyurethane glues can also be tinted.

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