PU Glue Adhesive Polyurethane Sealant For High-speed Railway

PU Glue Adhesive Polyurethane Sealant For High-speed Railway


PU Glue Adhesive For High-speed Railway Ballast

SPC-50D polyurethane ballast adhesive is specially designed for high-speed railway ballast bonding. It can effectively cure the track bed, avoid the displacement of the gravel ballast, reduce rail wear and extend the service life of the railway, and can eliminate the noise generated by the train.

The glue is a two-component polyurethane adhesive, which has good adhesion to ballast, high bonding strength, water and cold resistance, and curing at room temperature; the cured product is an insoluble and infusible rigid elastomer, which can withstand strong impact and not cause ballast The whole is broken; the adhesive layer does not affect the moisture permeability, which not only stabilizes the roadbed but also facilitates rainwater discharge.

【Product Appearance】    Component A: light yellow liquid
【Product viscosity】          A component: 3500±100mpa.s
【Solid content】                85%
【Product specific gravity】A component: 1.00±0.10
【Product Hardness】        70±3 Shore D
【Tensile strength】            ≥15Mpa
【Tear strength】                ≥50N/mm
【Applicable time】             ≥15Min(100g)
【Curing time】                   Initial curing 3h, basic curing 24h

Construction method

1. Rinse the soil on the surface of the ballast as much as possible, then level the ballast and dry it under the sun until there is no water on the surface.
2. Spray or infuse the adhesive with a mechanical mixture equipped with a metering pump.
3. Thicker ballast layer should be glued in batches to avoid glue leakage. Carefully check the artificial leveling of the ballast surface.


1. Can not be constructed on rainy days!
2. This product is best sprayed with a spray glue machine with a metering pump and mixing head;
If it is mixed in a plastic barrel, the pot life is only 10-15 minutes, so it needs to be used up immediately. The pot life will be relatively shortened when the temperature is high.
3. Do not add thinner to the adhesive to cause flow and reduce the bonding strength.

Storage packaging
【Product storage】      Avoid exposure to sunlight in the room temperature warehouse, and the product storage period is one year.
【Product packaging】  A 200kg,B 250kg iron drum packaging

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