Polyurethane Glue Adhesive For Fire Door/Security Door

Polyurethane Glue Adhesive For Fire Door/Security Door


    SPC-20 one-component polyurethane adhesive is a moisture-curing adhesive, which is cured by the small amount of moisture adsorbed in the air and on the surface of the adherend. It can also be artificially sprayed on the surface of the adhesive to promote curing. After curing, the adhesive layer is insoluble and does not melt. The product has superior performance and convenient construction. It is widely used in the cross bonding of metal plates, wood and various fireproof and thermal insulation materials in the door industry.

Technical index
【Product Appearance】  Brown viscous liquid
【Product Density】         1.15±0.05
【Product viscosity】        8000~9000 centipoise (adjustable viscosity)
【Product dilution】          ethyl acetate
【Coating Quantity】        120~160g/square meter
【Solid content】               94%
【Tack Dry Time】             ≤1h
【Curing time】                    4~8h can be adjusted according to customer requirements
【Bonding strength】           Metal to metal bonding ≥15Mpa

1. Remove oil stains and floating dust on the surface of the adherend;
2. Serrated scraper coating or roller coater coating single-sided coating;
3. Spraying water mist on the glue surface can accelerate curing;
4. After the glue is applied, it can be compounded and cured under pressure without drying the glue;
5. Tools can be cleaned with ethyl acetate;

Each time the glue is used, the plastic bucket with excess glue should be sealed and stored. The glue is cured by moisture, and the upper layer of the glue should be prevented from intrusion of moisture. The upper layer of the glue should be cured and stored;  
Storage packaging
【Product Storage】     General indoor warehouse.
【Product packaging】 25kg/plastic drum, 200kg/iron drum.

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