PU Glue Adhesive For Wall Insulation Integrated Board

PU Glue Adhesive For Wall Insulation Integrated Board


    PU-50 two-component polyurethane glue is A, and the mixing ratio of B is 5:1. When using, it is mixed according to mass parts. The mixing is quickly mixed with a mixer modified by a hand electric drill. There are two types of HE.
    SPC-20 one-component polyurethane adhesive is a moisture-curing adhesive, no need to be weighed and adjusted, and can be operated for a long time. Because of the slight foaming during the curing process, the contact surface of porous materials can be increased, and the shrinkage strength of the filling plate is not flat. .
    Both types of adhesives can be applied by zigzag squeegee or mechanical roller, and cold pressed after compounding.

【The front is the first choice】
Extruded board/extruded board                                   SPC-20
Extruded board/color steel plate                                  SPC-20 PU-50H
Extruded board/cement wall                                        PU -50E
Extruded board/marble                                                PU -50E PU-50H
Extruded board/marble                                                PU -50E PU-50H
Extruded sheet/aluminum platinum sheet                    PU -50H
Extruded Plastic Panel/Aluminum Plastic Panel          PU -50H
Extruded board/lined tile                                              PU -50E PU-50H
Extruded board/ceramic board                                     PU -50E PU-50H
Extruded board/calcium silicate board                         PU -50E PU-50H
Extruded board/cement board                                     PU -50E PU-50H
Marble/Calcium Silicate Board                                     PU -50H
Phenolic board / calcium silicate board                       SPC-20 PU-50E
Rock wool board/color steel plate                                SPC-20
Rock wool board/marble                                              SPC-20
Rock wool board/calcium silica board                          SPC-20

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