PU Gule For Cement Asphalt Pavement Color Changing Adhesive

PU Gule For Cement Asphalt Pavement Color Changing Adhesive


    The rich road colors in urban greenways, theme parks, residential quarters, and municipal access roads have attracted more and more attention and are gradually being promoted. The pattern and line renovation projects of new and old asphalt and cement pavements are making the roads pleasing to the eye and full of artistic beauty.

Physical and chemical properties:
    The glue is a two-component solvent-free polyurethane adhesive, which meets the technical requirements in terms of bonding strength and compressive strength to cement pavement asphalt pavement in the laying of color pavement, and is resistant to abrasion, acid and alkali, and aging.

【Product color】               component A: various colors component B: brown liquid
【Product viscosity】         A component 7500±100 B component 2100±50mpa.s
【Solid content】               ≥99%
【Slip resistance】            Dry and wet friction coefficient ≥0.70
【Heat resistance】          No cracking and peeling at 80℃
【Frost resistance】         -30℃ no cracking, super skin peeling
【Acid resistance】           No change after soaking in 1% hydrochloric acid solution for 15 days
【Alkali resistance】         No change in saturated calcium hydroxide solution for 15 days
【Abrasion resistance】    ≤0.0035g/cm3 750g/500r≤0.70mg
【Compressive strength】(2d/Mpa)≥20
【Folding strength】         (2d/Mpa)≥ 5
【Bonding Strength】        (2d/Mpa) ≥ 3 (with concrete)
【Aging resistance】          No change after 72 hours of accelerated aging test
【Applicable time】            ≥30min
【Curing time】                  Initial curing at 20℃≤4h, basic curing 24h

Construction technology
1. Ensure that the roadbed is solid, level and clean, free of oil and debris;
2. Mix the adhesive according to the ratio of AB4:1 and stir evenly;
3. Manual roller coating can also be slightly diluted and sprayed with a sprayer to spray the adhesive;
1. No construction in rain or snow;
2. Add thinner according to regulations when spraying;
Storage packaging
【Product storage】      Stored in room temperature warehouse.
【Product packaging】  A component 20kg/iron drum, B component 5kg/plastic drum
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