Spray adhesive for auto headliner

Spray adhesive for auto headliner


Spray adhesive for auto headliner

Product Name spray adhesive for auto headliner
Appearance yellow to orange viscous liquid
Solid Content 18-25%
Viscosity 800-1500cps/25℃
Heat Resistance 40-55℃(Addition of 5% hardener 812 makes it up to 50-80℃)
Product Feature

1.Environmentally friendly;

2.Small dosage spraying, cost effective;

3.Strong bonding strength, long tack range and excellent spraying performance;

4.Stable quality, famous trade mark of  China.

Application suitable for the bonding of carpet fabric/wood, wood/wood, composition leather, crystal boards/wood and etc. Mainly used for speakers, cupboards, dining chairs, car interior like: car roof, car carpet,car cushions, car chair etc.

1.Applies to the double-sided adhesive spray

2.Spray Area: about 12 square meter/kg;

3.Uniform spraying, not plot or lack plastic glue;

4.Spray gun pressure maintained at between 6~8kg;

5.Appropriate bonding pressure, ensure a better bonding effect.


Shelf Life  6 months or more

1. Do not mix the product with other adhesives

2.The product should be tightly sealed and kept in cool and dry places between 5~40℃. Keep away from fire.

3. Operators should wear protective equipment.


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