PU adhesive for colored anti skid surface

PU adhesive for colored anti skid surface


PU adhesive for colored anti skid surface

Color Anti Skid Pavement is a machine or hand applied, Coloured, skid resistant surfacing system which is suitable for application on asphalt, macadam and concrete surfaces . The system comprises a cured polyurethane based binder which is dressed with natural Coloured or pigmented aggregate, typically calcined bauxite or granite, and provides a durable, surface treatment for traffic calming and similar applications.

This pavement with high friction factors can greatly enhance driving security, applicable to arterial street and collector streets overbridges, sidewalks, communal roads and parking lot.


 It is  typically used for demarcation of bicycle and pedestrian paths, bus lanes, stops and other specially designated areas. It can also be used as a surface coat to enhance skid-resistance on hazardous turns and other high accident areas on asphalt and concrete roadways.   



Item Unit Index
Appearance   Component A:white viscous fluid
Component B:dark brown liquid
Viscosity Mpa.s Component A:7500+ -100
Component B:2100+ -50
Quantity of solids % ≥99.0
Compressive strength 2d/Mpa ≥20
Folding strength 2d/Mpa ≥5
Bonding strength Mpa ≥3.0
Skid-resistance   Wet and dry friction coefficient >=0.7
Heat-resistance   80℃ no cracking,peeling
Freeze-resistance   -25℃ no changing,no cracking,peelin
Curing time h 25℃ initial curing time≤4h
Completely curing time 24h

Usage Methods:

(1)Remove oil, dust, rust staining and water.  Make sure the concrete slab is clean ,flat


(2)Mixing portion : A:B =3:1 by weight  ,After glue mixing by stirrer , pour out the mixed glue on the concrete slab . Then use the scraper to make the glue flat.


(3)strew the color sand aggregate on the surface of mixed glue , then make it flat .



(1) it could not work in rainy day and snowy day to make color skidproof pavement.

(2) it could not add diluent inside the glue , because too lower viscosity will reduce the bonding strength.

Storage and Package:

Storage : One year when stored free of solarization and frost under normal temperature.
Package:Coponent A - load18kg in iron drum , Component B - load 6kg in plastic drum


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