Polyurethane adhesive for ship deck

Polyurethane adhesive for ship deck


Polyurethane adhesive for ship deck

Characteristics Applications
1. high bond strength 1. runways
2. good flexible   2. ship deck
3. wear non-slip 3. colored pavement
4. waterproof 4. industrial floor
5. anti-aging   
6. corrosion resistance  
7. improve the ground conditions   
8. extend the working life  

Physical index

Exterior  Brown viscous liquid
Density (g/cm³)  1.05±0.01
Solid content (%)  100
Viscosity (CPS) 13500±50
Dry time (h) ≤4
Bond strength ( Mpa)  ≥8
Low temperature flexibility  -25 ℃ No change
Wear ( g/cm³) ≤0.0035
Elongation (%) ≥20
Flame retardant   Oxygen Index  ≥25
Aging resistance ccelerated aging test 72 hours no change
Alkali Saturated Ca (OH) 2 solution soak for 15 days did not change
Acid resistance 1%H2SO4 solution soak for 15 days did not change
Construction method

Clear construction of the base surface weathering or oxides, such as in the steel operations, but also completely rust, making it a clean, dry and free of rust surfaces.
The A component: B component = 3: 1 was weighed (Nonestimatible approximately), B material can also be poured inside the A material, stirring for 1-2 minutes, stirring until completely homogeneous, viscous form with a certain consistency mixture


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