PU adhesive for rebonding foam

PU adhesive for rebonding foam


Single component PU adhesive for rebonding foam
SPC-20 is a single component ,modified MDI PU glue that cures upon exposure to air . It is widely used in the manufacture the  production of rebounded foam.
adhesive for sofa
adhesive for cushion
adhesive for carpet underlay
adhesive for moto mat
adhesive for mattress
adhesive for 
gymnastics mats

Specifications data:

Appearance:                  dark brown or chocolate brown magma
Density(g/cm3):            1.15±0.05
Viscosity(pa. s):            8-20
Solubility:                      solubility In acetone、ethyl acetate and so on
GSM:                           180-200g/m2
not volatile compounds:  ≥94%
activating time:             >2h     set time:<4-12h
bonding strength:          1、≥15Mpa(GB6329,metals and metals )
                                  2、Non-metal damage (GB6329, metals and insulation、fireproof materials)


1、Paste surface clean to oil spot and dust
2、Use to the serrate scraper daub the glue uniform on the paste surface
3、After daub the glue put materials at lest, pressing and solidify.
    Spray with a little water can shrink about the set time
4、Cleaning tools can use ethyl acetate solvent



Every time put spc-20 polyurethane adhesive away, redundant pails should be closed, prevent wet air invasion and the polyurethane adhesive metamorphism. If protracted abstinence from protracted abstinence, you will be sufficient nitrogen and closed

Storage and packing

Storage:One year in general warehouse
Packing: 25kg/ Plastic bucket,   50kg or 100kg/ metal pail 


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