PU No Foaming Two Compoments Brown Liquid Adhesive for Galva

PU No Foaming Two Compoments Brown Liquid Adhesive for Galva


Adhesive for galvanized Sheet




Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to EPS foam 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to XPS foam 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to rock wool 
Adhesive for galvanzied steel sheet to paper honeycomb core 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to aluminum honeycomb core 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to PU rigid foam 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to phenolic foam 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to perlite board 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to mineral wool 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to plywood 
Adhesive for galvanized steel sheet to melamine decorative board

Suitable Product:

SPC-1002 type two component polyurethane adhesive

SPC-1002 two-component system polyurethane adhesive is widely used in sandwich panel production line, where it functions as bonding agent between color steel plate and thermal insulation material, such as EPS, XPS, rock wool, PU foam, etc. Component A is using synthesis of special polyether modified polyester production, can increase the toughness, bonding strength, high temperature tolerance, and improve the pure polyester formula shortcomings about the worse performance of damp and hot resistance to hydrolysis. SPC-1002 has good toughness and bonding layer rubber durability, stable molecular structure, not easy ageing, thermal performance is better than that of EPS material, good low temperature resistance, resistance to high temperature, won't come unglued under 120 degree. Component B is imported polymerization MDI.


SPC-1002 glue is mainly suitable for all kinds of vertical and horizontal composite sandwich board machine, for the color steel plate (or stainless steel plate, PVC plastic board, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.) and the core layer of EPS board (or rock wool, glass wool, pu board, etc.) between the adhesive. Good stability and safety coefficient.


1. High solid content, less glue used.
2. A good initial adhesion, fast curing.
3. Stronger adhesion, better quality of composite board products.
4. Strong adaptability of materials, speed, temperature, ratio of a two-component has better adaptability.
5. High cost performance, saving cost for the user.

Technical Data:

Component A Blended Polyol 200KG/iron drum
Component B MDI 250KG/iron drum
Appearance of A Light Yellow Homogeneous Liquid
Appearance of B Dark Brown Homogeneous Viscous Liquid
Mixing Ratio(W) A/B=1/1.0-1.25
Cream Time(20℃) 8~12 second
Gel Time(20℃) 28~32 second
Cure Time(20℃) 48~52 second
Adhesive Strength MPa ≧0.1

Application Instruction:

1. The surface of color plate and EPS core should be kept clean and dry, when there are a lot of water or oil, can make the adhesive gel parameters change, and bonding strength decreased.
2, In working process, clean the blocked glue dropping pipe in time, keep the drops of glue, glue A and glue B ratio should be controlled in request scope.
3, Clean or replace the glue spread plate, ensure glue A and glue B mixed completely, to make the bonding strength reached the maximum.
4, After gluing, raise the pressure of the up and down roller.
5, When temperature is below 10 degrees, should open the heating device.
6, Polymer isocyanate component, is lively in nature, can react with hydrogen, result in active substance solidification. Avoid water, vapor or alcohol, to prevent thickening or solidifying.
7, When the glue contacts human body, quickly wipe clean with soap. The eyes should be flush with plenty of water and go to a doctor quickly.

Packaging and storage:

Glue A (polyol component, not necessarily color shallow) shelf life 6 months, iron drum packaging 200 kg/barrel.
Glue B (isocyanate component) warranty for 6 months, 250 kg/iron barrel, sealed stored in a dry, cool room, to prevent exposure.


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