Polyurethane Non Foaming Adhesive PU Sealant for Wall Panel

Polyurethane Non Foaming Adhesive PU Sealant for Wall Panel


Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb 


    Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb

  Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb panel 
  Adhesive for aluminum composite panel 
  Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb to metal plate
  Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb to steel plate 
  Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb to stainless steel plate 
  Adhesive for aluminum honeycomb to aluminum plate 
  Adhesive for stone aluminum honeycomb panel

SPC-1003 Type two component polyurethane hand glue can be used for bonding aluminum honeycomb with aluminum sheet.

The two-component adhesive is widely used for bonding metal, wood, GFPR (glass fiber reinforced plastic), EPS/PU foam, rock wool, paper or aluminum honeycomb, etc. It is convenient in use, fast cured, high adhesion, superior in impact strength, tensile strength, weather resistance.

Product Properties:
Model SPC-1003
Component A Component B
Appearance Gray Uniform Emulsion Dark Brown Liquid
Viscosity(25℃) 12000-20000 Mpa.s ≥200 Mpa.s
Bonding Strength ≥10Mpa
Tensile Strength Metal and Metal≥10 Mpa(room temperature)                                            Metal and Metal≥10 Mpa(low temperature)
Peel Strength Metal and nonmetallic material: nonmetallic material broken when peeled.
Shore Hardness 60-70
Solid Content 98%±2%
Applicable Time 50-80 Minutes(change according to temperature)
Time for Pressuring 5-8 Hours

Application Instruction:
  1. Mixing component A and component B completely by motor stirrer. Mix ratio of A and B is 5:1~4:1 by weight.
  2. Clean the target material surface. Ensure no water or putty on the surface.
  3. Evenly spread the adhesive, about 150~300 g/m2 with zigzag scraper of 5mm teeth space and 4mm teeth depth. Or spreading with roller. If making honeycomb sandwich panel, spreading more glue.
  4. Cover the material with raising pressure for 60 minutes until the adhesive solidified.
  5. Sealed store in a cool and dry place, avoid contact with water.
  6. Storage temperature is 5℃~30℃. Shelf life is six months.
  7. Package: Component A is 25kg/wide mouth plastic barrel; Component B is 25kg/small mouth plastic barrels.

25kg/plastic barrel



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