Polyurethane Coating Adhesive for EPS Sandwich Panel With St

Polyurethane Coating Adhesive for EPS Sandwich Panel With St


Adhesive for EPS sandwich Panel



Adhesive for EPS sandwich panel
Glue for EPS sandwich panel
Adhesive for color steel sandwich panel
Bond steel plate-Polystyrene foam-color plate


1. SPC-1002 Two Component Polyurethane Adhesive
2. Speed rate: 2 - 3.5 m/ min 
3. 1MT gule can be used for 9000 square metres. 


SPC-1002 Two Component Type Sandwich Panel Adhesive

SPC-1002 is type of two component polyurethane adhesive used for color plate , polystyrene foam and color plate bonding.




  1. speed rate: 2 - 3.5 m/ min
  2. 1MT gule can be used for 9000 square metres
  3. strong adhesive factor
  4. applied straight from the container, don't need to be mixed.
  5. indoor or outdoor use , highly durable
  6. limited shelf life, generally six months to one year.


      A series: 200KG     series: 250 KG

      One set:  450 KG

      40 sets/80 barrels/ 18 MT in one 20' container



  1. Applicable to fire-proofing and heat insulation material such as rock wool, pearlite, glass fiber wool, alumina silicate fibre, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb,EPS, XPS, paper face plasterboard, calcium silicate board , sheet metal and board adhesive.
  2. Polyurethane adhesive is wildly used in woodworking, metalwork, and masonry. Construction grade polyurethane adhesives can be used with composite decking, flooring, and concrete.


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