Adhesive for marine vessel

Adhesive for marine vessel


Adhesive for marine vessel

Marine vessel Adhesive
Adhesive for marine vessel
Marine adhesive
Marine adhesive for vessel
Bond metal to metal for vessel
Bond metal to fire resistant material (such bond as rock wool , calcium silicate boards, glass magnesium board , glass fiber , perlite wool ,   aluminum silicate fiber blanket , EPS board , XPS board , melamine board , paper honeycomb , aluminum honeycomb ,wood , plywood, MDF board)
 Adhesive for steel to ceramic 
Adhesive for steel to marble

SPC-1001 type glue, a single-component glue that developed by our corporation, is superior in performance and operation. By adopting solidifying way of micro moisture in air and cohered surface, the glue line is no-dissolving and no-melting. Therefore it has been extensively used in metal plates such as color steel plates, galvanized plates and aluminium plates as well as inorganic boards such as paper gypsum planks, calcium silicate boards, glass magnesium boards, medium density board and ternary plates. In addition, it can also applied to fireproof material (rockwool, glass fiber, perlite, aluminum silicate fiber felt), heat insulating material (EPS FWB foams,XPS, rigid PU foams), sound-proof material(paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb) and finishing material(melamine board). 

Technology Index

Appearance: dark brown or brown sticky liquid
Working Time: 10 minutes (could be adjust according customers requirement )
Curing Time:30 minutes(specific time should be provided as users require) 
Shelf Time: 12 months
Density: 1.15±0.05g/cm³
Viscosity: 8~20 pa.s(25℃) 
Solubility: soluble to acetone and ethyl acetic acid
Dose: 120~160g/m²
Non-volatile ratio: ≥94%
TFT: ≤2h 
Cohesive Intensity: 
(1) Metal plate to metal plate ≥15MPa(GB6329) 
(2) Metal plate to heat insulating material
Non-metal destruction during delamination operation (GB6329)

Usage Methods
  (1) Remove oil, dust on the surfaces of being cohered materials. It is not recommended to apply the glue on particularly smooth surfaces or special rough surfaces, which have negative impact on cohesive intensity.
  (2) Homogeneously spread the glue on cohered surface with sawtooth scrapers. Dose of the applied glue is about 150g per square meter according to different surfaces(less for smooth surfaces and more for rough surfaces).
  (3)During solidifying process, glue line should be sprayed a little water mist.
  (4) After spreading glue, cover adhering material by raising pressure for solidification. Make sure that materials should be laminated before touch dry. Otherwise, its cohesive strength will be decreased.
  (5) By using pressing machine or heavy object, the pressure put on adhering materials should be between 0.5kg~1kg/cm2.Only when Solidification process is completed should machine or object be moved.
  (6)Pressure time varies with temperature and humidity of the day, which is from 5 to 12 hours (24 hours for the highest cohesive strength).
  (7)Wash tool with ethyl acetate solvent.


Please seal barrel of remaining glue to prevent moisture. For long-term storage, fill nitrogen gas. 
When users apply the glue to other new materials, be sure to do test at first.
Above technical tips are only for suggestions. Users should work out their techniques according to tests. Our corporation will not undertake the due obligations for any possible quality accidents occurred during the operation process formulated by users.

Storage And Package
(1)Storage: One year when stored in normal warehouse
(2)Package: 25kg/per plastic drum      200kg/per iron drum

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