PU Adhesive For Wall Insulation Decorative Panel

PU Adhesive For Wall Insulation Decorative Panel


PU Adhesive For Wall Insulation Decorative Panel

PU glue has superior performance and operating performance. Using the curing method of trace moisture in the air and the bonding surface, the glue line does not dissolve or melt. Therefore, it is widely used in metal plates such as color steel plates, galvanized plates, aluminum plates, etc., as well as inorganic plates such as gypsum board, calcium silicate board, glass magnesium board, medium density board, and ternary board. In addition, it can also be used in fireproof materials (rock wool, glass fiber, perlite, aluminosilicate fiber felt), thermal insulation materials (EPS FWB foam, XPS, rigid PU foam), sound insulation materials (paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb) ) and finish material (melamine board).

Application Scope:

The wall insulation and decoration integrated board adhesive can be selected from the company's one-component polyurethane adhesive and two-component polyurethane adhesive for rock wool, EPS polystyrene board and XPS in the production of wall insulation integrated board. Extruded board, real gold insulation board, phenolic foam and steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate and calcium silicate board, glass fiber cement board, FC board, ceramics, marble. The advantage of using the wall insulation and decorative integrated plate adhesive is that it has certain toughness against water and cold.

Application Instruction:

The external wall insulation material is divided into inorganic materials and organic materials. Polyurethane, phenolic and other organic materials have good thermal insulation effect, but low fire resistance; rock wool, cement mortar mixed polystyrene particles, glass microbeads and other inorganic materials or simple mixed materials, although The fire performance is high, but it basically does not provide insulation. At present, the more popular exterior wall insulation material is an integrated board, and the integrated board is composed of a bonding layer, a heat preservation decorative finished board, an anchor, a sealing material and the like. It is not only suitable for exterior wall insulation and decoration of new buildings, but also for energy saving and decoration modification of old buildings; it is applicable to all kinds of public buildings as well as exterior insulation of residential buildings; it is suitable for buildings in cold northern regions. It is also suitable for buildings in hot southern areas.

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