PU Adhesive For Wood

PU Adhesive For Wood



The adhesive cures fast with good adhesion and excellent weather resistance. It can be used for bonding a variety of substrates, including plastic, sponge, leather, metal, paper faced gypsum board, calcium silicate board, PVC, calcined magnesia, rock wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, polystyrene foam, XPS extruded board, polywood, MDF, melamine paper board, phenol formaldehyde foam, etc. And it is widely applied for door manufacturing, light-weight building materials, refrigerator, purification equipment.
  1.Polyurethane Glue is 100% waterproof once cured
  2.It can be used with complete confidence on any project, indoor or outdoor, that is likely to be subjected to moisture or the direct application of water
  3.It is totally suitable for patios, decks, outdoor furniture and marine applications
  4.It is suitable for applying to most materials including all timbers, stone, metals, glass, ceramics, concrete (including pavers), brick and masonry
  5.It will not deteriorate even with prolonged exposure to sun, salt, snow, rain, even chlorinated water and generally will cope with all weather conditions. It will not freeze after curing
  6.A moisture-curing adhesive that cures by absorbing the moisture from the atmosphere and the surfaces to which the glue is applied
  7.Environmentally friendly since it contains no solvents and is 100% pure polyurethane
  8.Incredibly strong; will not deteriorate or become brittle with age
  9.100% waterproof making it the most suitable adhesive to use on all outdoor applications
  10.Will not freeze and will not contract or expand in freezing conditions.
  11.pH neutral (Acid Free)
  12.Greatly resistant to corrosion from solvents and chemicals
  13.Super strong in all suitable applications

Introduction For Use:
Step 1 Surfaces to be glued must be clean and free of contaminants Polyurethane Glue is best when both surfaces can absorb glue, but at least one surface must be porous.
Step 2 When gluing timber joints, it is wise to dampen the surface to be glued a few minutes before applying glue. You can use an atomiser spray or a sponge. This accelerates the curing
Step 3 Apply the glue to one surface only spreading it so that it completely coats the surface. Apply liberally, even though the glue will ooze out of the joints.
Step 4 Polyurethane Glue has an open time (that is, the time before which the two faces to be glued are brought together) of about 5-10 minutes. Within that time it is important to bring the two surfaces together.
Step 5 If necessary, clamp the joint securely, but not too firmly.
Step 6 After clamping you can sponge or scrape away the excess that squeezes out of the join. (If staining timber after curing, scrape, rather than wipe, the excess away. Avoid filling the pores on the face of the timber if possible).
Step 7 Leave the project for at least 3 to 4 hours (and up to 24 hours) before removal of clamps and continuation of work. The glue will completely cure in that time.

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