PU adhesive for fire resistance door and security door

PU adhesive for fire resistance door and security door


PU adhesive for fire resistance door and security door

SPC-02 belong to one-component polyurethane adhesive. Products with superior performance、convenient construction、the cured foam layer、not dissolved or melted、heat-resistant and low temperature and so on .This SPC-02 protracted abstinence a large use of make fire doors、security doors、household doors、variety composite boards about refrigeration equipment and variety insulation、fireproof material(rock wool、ceramic wool、extra-fine glass wool、polystyrene foam and so on) bonding ,can also use to metal and metal bonding.



  Adhesive for fire rated door (such as bond metal plate and rock wool , bond metal plate and perlite board, bond metal plate and aluminum silicate fiber ,bond metal plate and glass wool , bond steel plate and EPS board , bond steel plate and XPS board, bond steel plate and gypsum board, bond metal plate and rock wool, bond metal plate and perlite board ,bond metal plate and Aluminum silicate fiber) 
  Adhesive for fireproof door 
  Adhesive for fire resistant door 
  Adhesive for hollow metal door such as bond metal plate and aluminum honeycomb , bond steel plate and aluminum honeycomb , bond metal plate and paper honeycomb , bond steel plate and paper honeycomb 
  Adhesive for steel door 
  Adhesive for stainless steel door 
  Adhesive for burglarproof door 
  Adhesive for antitheft door 
  Adhesive for security door 
  Adhesive for steel fire rated burglarproof door
  Adhesive for baking varnish steel door 
  Adhesive for wood fire rated door 
  Glue for fire rated door , glue for fireproof door , glue for fire resistant door , glue for hollow metal door , glue for steel door , glue for stainless steel door ,adhesive for metal plate to polystyrene foam , adhesive for metal plate to plywood , adhesive for metal plate to melamine board , adhesive for metal plate to MDF board)

Specifications data:

Appearance:         dark brown or chocolate brown magma
Density(g/cm3):   1.15±0.05
Viscosity(cP):   8000-9000
Solubility:             solubility In acetone、ethyl acetate and so on
GSM:                  180-200g/m2
not volatile compounds:  ≥94%
activating time:    >2h     
set time:             <4-12h
bonding strength:  1、≥15Mpa(GB6329,metals and metals )
                          2、Non-metal damage (GB6329, metals and insulation、fireproof materials)


1、Paste surface clean to oil spot and dust
2、Use to the serrate scraper daub the glue uniform on the paste surface
3、After daub the glue put materials at lest, pressing and solidify.
    Spray with a little water can shrink about the set time
4、Cleaning tools can use ethyl acetate solvent


Please seal barrel of remaining glue to prevent moisture. For long-term storage, fill nitrogen gas. 
When users apply the glue to other new materials, be sure to do test at first.
Above technical tips are only for suggestions. Users should work out their techniques according to tests. Our corporation will not undertake the due obligations for any possible quality accidents occurred during the operation process formulated by users.

Storage and packing

Storage:One year in general warehouse
Packing: 25kg/ Plastic bucket,   50kg or 100kg/ metal pail 


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